January 10, 2015

Comparison between P90X and Insanity Workouts

P90X refers to a 90 day exercise program based on the muscle confusion principle. If you are used to the same kind of exercise on a daily basis the outcome is likely to be constant or very minimal changes. The logic behind the muscle confusion is to deter your body from getting used to the same practices over and over. Different exercises challenge the body muscles to obtain higher results while your work outs become more interesting.

Insanity is a sixty day activity program that follows the Max Interval Training theory. The reason behind this approach is to practice intense exercises while you rest for a short period of time. The logic is to burn the body fat faster. Studies have proven that it is a more effective way of losing excess fat and gaining muscle mass. It helps your body overcome fatigue and build endurance as well.

Both programs are challenging so you should choose which suits you best according to your ability. If you are looking to burn fat and shape your body quickly, insanity exercise is the best. Your body will have a new hot look in a span of 60 days.

P90X takes a slower but sure process by practicing each of the exercises during the whole period. The advantage is that you will get a feel of the slow and faster process making you all round. You get to work out different parts of your body on different days with different exercises up to the last day. The yoga and stretch outs results in a relaxed mind.

Mixing workouts give the best results and fortunately both programs offer mix ups. The difference is Insanity requires you to be faster and energetic and the result shows earlier than P90X which is more of a gradual work out with a positive outcome at last. Thanks for checking out my comparison p90x vs insanity

January 10, 2015

eifitness.com Personal Trainer Courses

Any thoughts of turning what you love into a career? Get off on the right footing by following these steps and become a certified personal trainer. Being passionate about healthy lifestyle and fitness is a wonderful accomplishment. However, for some people, that is not just enough. When taking this passion into the next level is your goal, consider turning the love into a full-time career by becoming a personal trainer. Certification as a personal trainer is not only self-fulfilling, but also has large potential in terms of growth. Personal trainers enjoy flexible hours, practice what the love, and help people achieve their fitness goals. Once the decision to pursue the career is arrived at, one will be required to invest a fair share of money and time to achieve success, as it is the case with most life aspects.

Clients prefer working with trainers who are experienced and knowledgeable in their crafts and hence it is imperative to take the next step of getting certified. Various accredited programs and organizations offer certifications in personal training courses and it is critical that you choose the appropriate certification. It should be noted that all programs will require either a high school diploma or GED. If you already have a place in mind, inquire to establish whether they accept the certification you seek to pursue. Thereafter, choose your specialty; it can be certified personal trainer, group instructor or both as long as they meet your career goals. All are outstanding career options in the industry and your preferred choice will be based on personal preferences. For personal trainer courses, the core curriculum will cover a broad range of topics, such as kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, flexibility techniques, supplementation, conditioning and sports strength. Continual updates in regards to profession will be necessary to ensure you remain well informed in matters regarding your field.